RAACS is a professional development process that provides a framework for teachers to become meta-cognitive of their classroom practices, develop BIG questions for students and connect with a wider professional learning community.  ​

eflect on best classroom practices,

rticulate  instructional design philosophies

lign  teaching methods to evaluation frameworks

reate digital artifacts of classroom-tested ideas

hare artifacts with other teachers

Adults are goal oriented

Adults bring their own experiences to learning 

Create artifacts of your practice

RACCS Teacher Development Cycle

Gather evidence for your teacher

evaluation plan 

Adult Learners like to be respected


RAACS Teacher Development Cycle aligns with Malcolm Knowles Six Principles of Adult Learning by respecting teachers as professionals and giving them pathways to self discovery.  

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Adults are practical


Become a better teacher and

improve your ratings 

Adults are self motivated and self directed

Adults are relevancy oriented

Build evidence for your evaluation plan

Share what works in

your classroom

Knowles' Six Principles




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