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Our very own entrepreneurship program for high school students from Chicago is one of a kind, giving aspiring artists that chance to sell their work to the philanthropic community.  All artists receive 90% of the proceeds of their work.  Republic Foundation retains 10% for administration and online payment fees.  

      1 Person Cartoon -- $20                                    2-4 Person Cartoon -- $50                                 5 or more Person Cartoon -- $75

Meet Marian Cooks, a 17 year old senior from Douglass High School in Chicago's Austin neighborhood.  Since spring of 2015, she has been taking pictures of friends and creating cartoon likenesses with Adobe Ideas software.  Just look at her wonderful work!

Support Marian by sending a digital photo (without effects) of yourself or your family and she will create a digital cartoon for you!  

Send photo to info@republicfoundation.org

Meet Marian

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Send in your photo and Marian will make it a cartoon!


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