Founding Values

We believe unrecognized leaders exist in America's at-risk youth.  

Therefore:  We support projects in under served urban communities.

                                                                   We believe a great teacher is society's greatest asset.  

                                       Therefore:  We empower teachers to extend their influence inside and outside their classroom.

                                                         We believe great leadership is a continuous improvement process.  

                                                                     Therefore:  We build professional learning communities.

                                We believe America's retired teaching population is an untapped resource of wisdom and leadership.  

                                  Therefore:  We promote inter-generational mentoring between retired educators and young teachers.

                                                         We believe service learning is the foundation of leadership development.  

                                                    Therefore:  We support civic engagement projects that empower student leaders.

                                                        We believe liberal arts education is integral to leadership development.  

                                                                    Therefore:  We expose leaders to mathematics and literacy.

                                                           We believe healthy leaders possess moral and emotional intelligence.  

                                                                   Therefore:  We promote spiritual health and artistic expression

                                                              We believe music and athletics are integral to moral development.  

                                                                         Therefore:  We promote sports and the performing arts.

                                                                             We believe that a healthy mind needs a healthy body.  

                                                                          Therefore, We promote proper diet, nutrition and exercise.

The Republic Foundation exists to develop teachers and help build the next generation of leaders in Chicago.  Our vision is a just world led by discerning, compassionate and enlightened human beings.  We promote philosophy in K-12 education and leadership programming for Chicago underserved youth.

The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.

​                                                                                                                                                                                 Abraham Lincoln

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