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 Socrates asked big questions, not only of students but of himself.  Why is

the world the way it is?  What do I want the world to become?  How am I helping others become greater than I am?  

Change starts with the belief that justice is possible and that students and teachers in all schools, especially our most underserved, are worthy of support.  Why?  Because school is where the spirit of learning and compassion takes root.  Its how great citizen philosophers are born.

Our youth programs model civic engagement, servant leadership and entrepreneurship. Our teacher development programs build reflective practitioners who inspire students.  Join forces with us. 

One time gifts are crucial to our success with students and teachers. 
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How we are changing the world

Lifelong learning is supported by continuing education for teachers.  Only by helping teachers ask big questions do we foster thoughtful and curious students.  We partner with continuing education providers to bring philosophy to the K-12 classroom.

Spread the word. We have several specific programs that need funding. We are also looking for partners in the non-profit community to promote leadership and civic engagement in K-12 education. Whatever your level of commitment, we know that with your help, we can make a difference.
We are currently recruiting teachers to help us pilot our workshop program.


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During the 2015-2016 holiday season, we partnered with Chicago youth to hand out 28 care packages to the homeless.  Our goal is 50 this upcoming season.   

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